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Planned re-opening of Kenilworth Dog Grooming services: 13th July 2020

Update: 6th July 2020

Kenilworth Dog Grooming will be open again under strict guidelines and practices once it is safe for us all to do so. I am aiming for July 13th but please call me to check this is the case.

We will make every effort to keep you and your dog safe, and I hope you will do the same to keep me and my husband safe. As you know your dog could carry Covid 19 on his/her coat so I must follow the CFSG (Canine and Feline Sector Group) and other Governing bodies' guidelines and protocols to protect us all. Therefore there are changes in the way the grooming appointment is conducted and your co-operation is required and greatly appreciated.

In order to follow the guidelines:

- I cannot groom a dog from a household where someone is showing signs of, or recovering from, Covid 19.

- I cannot groom a dog from a household where someone has tested positive and been asked to self isolate.

- I cannot groom a dog from an owner who is shielding.

- I cannot groom a dog if the owner is unwell or if the dog is unwell.

- If anyone in your household has become ill in the last two weeks PLEASE cancel the appointment.

- I cannot groom a dog if it has been in close contact with people or dogs from outside the family home. It is important you do not let others touch your dog or for dogs to play with yours - this is how the virus can be spread.

The grooming appointment

- My grooming studio will be disinfected at the end of each groom. I shall also disinfect myself and any PPE I am wearing, and the entrance of the house and stairs. Therefore your cooperation is needed.

- You cannot come into the house or the grooming studio.

- Please do not walk up to the house or entrance. Please wait outside on the drive or in your car if you have driven. Only when you see me go up to the dog run (which allows for social distancing of 2 meters) place your dog inside and close the door firmly. Put the supplied disinfected lead on and let me take the dog to my side. I will wipe the dog with a dog friendly anti-bacterial wipe. I may wrap a disposable hairdresser's cloak lightly round the dog. I will immediately walk away and talk when I am at a safe distance.

The groom

- Your dog will be washed with a mild medicated dog shampoo (which I also use on my Standard Poodle). Sorry there can be no exception to this at this time - the shampoo will kill any Covid 19 virus that might be on the coat. If you want to use your own shampoo you will have to bathe the dog again at home afterwards.

- The clip may be shorter than you would normally expect - this is because many will be matted or that I am working on a home groom - and also safeguarding in case there is a second wave and lockdown again. But you know hair always grows back! Of course it does! Thank you for your cooperation in these unprecedented times.

- I will have to wear protective clothing such as gloves, mask, face shield, apron etc as set out by the protocols. Please do not be alarmed by this - this is for my safety and will either be thrown away or disinfected before the next dog arrives.

- Please be on time for your appointment and collection. This is more important than ever. I will ring you a few minutes before I finish grooming your dog so I can keep him/her on my grooming table until I can handover. As you can appreciate grooming and cleaning up will take longer than usual so I am working to a strict schedule. Handover will be the same as collection - I shall wipe the dog, put it in the run to go over to you so you can attach your lead when you are sure this is safe! Please detach mine and place it in the container for disinfection and take your dog out of the crate (which will be disinfected before the next dog comes).

- I must ask you to call me on 01926 854539 to make the next appointment rather than do it immediately. This is much faster than text or email - if by some chance you get the answer phone just leave a message repeating your number twice. I will call back as soon as I possibly can. This protocol is going to take extra time and I have to catch up with all my customers who have been so patient during these difficult times.

- Payment should be by bank transfer or if you cannot do this, the correct cash in a sealed envelope with your name on it. PLEASE NOTE I cannot give you change! Apparently money from a cash point is safer to use than that from a cashier! I have always used veterinary disinfectants but am now using DEFRA approved solutions that guarantee to kill the Covid 19 virus.

If I or my husband become ill we will contact you immediately so please rest assured that your dog is safe with me. My dogs will be kept away from yours (poor Roy is no longer authorised to come to work with me!).

Please read my Lockdown Quick Grooming Tips for advice during this time.

Health is the most important thing so do keep well!

Do phone or email if I can help.
Kind regards,
Jacquie Lightfoot

01926 854539 / 07802221425

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