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FAQs at Kenilworth Dog Grooming in Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Q. How early should I have my dog groomed?
A. You should get your dog groomed as soon as it has had all its vaccinations. The earlier a dog gets used to the process, the more chance they will see it as pampering and not a chore....

Q. Do you have experience in handling nervous or agitated dogs?
A. Yes, we have a lot of experience with nervous and difficult dogs. We try to make them feel at ease during their groom.

Q. Do you offer my dog any treats?
A. Please don't ask me to feed your dog treats/or let you do so, to stop them eating ME. I always have a ready supply of treats, or will happily dispense yours if you prefer; to reward good behaviour - at various stages whilst being groomed - so they know coming to be groomed is a nice experience, but not WHEN they misbehave (rewarding bad behaviour). To divert/trick them whilst grooming (if you groom a nervous, disturbed dog whilst eating, it's quite normal for the dog to defend his treat!! Not to mention someone moving, chewing or throwing a treat about whilst i am using sharp instruments!)

Q. When can I discuss styles with you?
A. I normally discuss styles, health and behaviour etc etc with you either before or when you drop the dog off, then you pick him or her up when groomed.

Q. What is the cancellation policy at Kenilworth Dog Grooming?
A. We like to keep our prices fair and competitive. However, last minute changes, and cancellations cause lost revenue, and more importantly take up spaces people could use in a busy week. We would appreciate 48 hrs (working hours) notice of changes/cancellation of any appointment. Failure to do so will incur a cancellation/no-show fee.

Q. How often should my dog get clipped in the Winter?
A. Don't feel you should let your dog's coat grow long for the bad weather!!!! You won't be doing him/her any favours; your dog needs a tidy, non matted coat for the winter, so it doesn't trap water/mud and snow and so it can fluff up and protect him/her from the elements.

Winter is one of the seasons grooming is most important for dogs. Do remember all dogs MOULT! Some breeds don't SHED over your floors! This is because the dead hair stays in their coats causing mats and tangles. The test is can you get a fine tooth comb right through the coat, down to the skin? If not, do book your dog in.

Q. Can I leave my dog with you or can I stay whilst he or she is being groomed?
A. I do sometimes, by prior discussion have dog owners stay during the grooming session when it is useful for the dog, you, and me to do so.


It reassures you (not necessarily the dog!)
It helps with grooming tips, use of grooming tools etc
It can be a nice, relaxed experience


The dog can be very confused about who is asking him/her to do things
It could "play to the gallery" - yes dogs do that, and it's not always a game
It can be quite a long session

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