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Update 25/04/2021: Grooming Studio now open

We are very pleased to have resumed our grooming services. We do, however, still need to be very cautious in order to protect our doggy customers, human customers and ourselves.

The following is really important

If you or anyone in your household has become ill over the past 2 weeks, have been asked to self isolate/quarantine, tested positive or traveled outside the UK:
I cannot groom your dog
If you have already made an appointment, it can quickly be be remade when it is safe to do so.

The danger is that dogs can transmit diseases on their coats. This is a fact. Prior to a grooming session please do not let anyone outside your home stroke or handle your dog and do not let them play with dogs outside your household for 72 hours prior to being groomed.

I have to time my appointments very carefully as all the current precautions take up quite a lot of time between dogs. More than ever, please be on time for your appointment/pick up. Please wait in your car at the top of the drive until I come out. Please do not walk up to the front door. I will be looking out for you, don't worry! Please wear a mask.

Collection will be at a 2 metre social distance where possible - sometimes it's difficult with doggies. I will then pick your dog up and rub him/her down with a doggy wipe or disinfected towel and move to the required distance to talk - you may find their collar and lead damp on return as I have to disinfect them.

On collection please wait in the car until I come out. If someone else is collecting please let me know. Please pay me by bank transfer, or if you prefer, in cash, the exact sum in an envelope with your name on it. At the moment I cannot give you change.

I look forward to welcoming you all,
Jacquie Lightfoot

01926 854539 / 07802221425

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