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Seasonal Information: Spring

Hopefully the snow has disappeared, the sun is occasionally showing, daffodils growing and Easter break walkies are getting closer. Most of my doggy customers have been in regularly, and their coats are nice and manageable, but the funny weather has not done all coats favours. As it has warmed up / got colder, central heating has been on / off / turned up. The natural shedding process* has been upset and created some very big coat challenges.

Do treat your furry friend to a spring makeover, he / she will appreciate it, and it should make life a lot easier for everyone!

*A human being casts off up to 130 hairs a day, just think how many your furry friend loses! And please, do not believe there is such a thing as a non moulting or non shedding breed!! This is a very naughty myth - all dogs lose hair: some dogs (Golden Retriever / Labrador / Pug will cover you and your carpet in hairs; others (Shitzus, Lahsas and most Poodle or Bichon Crosses etc) will fool you - simply keep the hair in their coat and this can often bring about horrid results. These dead hair mats tend to form just over the skin, which means you may think their coat is well brushed and unmatted but this is not the case. The test is to comb through your dog's hair, right through to the skin (without cheating). If you cannot do this, book you doggy in and explain the situation. As a responsible groomer we must not demat a badly matted coat as, over a certain percentage of mats, and depending on where they are located we would hurt the dog. None of us want to do this and the Animal Rights Act clearly and reasonably states we should not.

Do check your doggy and book him or her in.