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Our Services at Kenilworth Dog Grooming in Kenilworth, Warwickshire

A standard grooming session would normally include a brush through, bath, dry, final brush through, ear check and claw check. Ears would be cleaned and plucked if necessary, and claws trimmed if too long.

If the dog is of a breed requiring clipping, this would be done after the brush through, bath and dry. This applies to dogs who are regularly home groomed, and professionally groomed at the required intervals.

We can, of course, groom dogs who for some unavoidable reason are badly matted* but please let us know in advance, as this will take considerably longer than a standard grooming session, and the price will reflect the extra work and care needed.

I will trim my customer's nails free of charge between grooming sessions, but a full "pawdicure" is also available, soaking feet in a warm footbath, drying, trimming and tidying up, and where desired finishing off with paw lotion or wax, and/or even nail varnish! I charge 7.50 for this service.

Please call us for a quotation depending on the breed of dog and your exact specifications of cut/groom.

Dont forget to ask about our Spa Treatments.

*Our definition of badly matted is a dog who has mats in excess of 30 per cent of his/her coat including legs. A matted coat is one where you cannot take a fine tooth comb through to the skin.